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Tips From Your Quality Lawn Service Provider

Handling Perennial Weeds With Ease

A healthy and well-maintained lawn provides a beautiful outdoor living space for tailgating or a front yard for kids to play in. Unfortunately, some lawns can be besieged by weeds that take over and ruin everything. While some weeds may be difficult to remove, perennial weeds are the most difficult to eradicate. However, with a proactive approach and a quality lawn service, you can beat perennial weeds and keep your lawn looking beautiful.

Identify the Weeds

Identifying the problem weeds is a critical first step in dealing with them. Once you have identified the weeds, there are a variety of herbicides and weed control methods available. If you are unsure, contact an experienced landscape professional for advice and assistance in choosing the right product.

Be Proactive

One of the best ways to handle perennial weeds is to take a proactive approach before they become a problem. Start with a soil test and pH level and adjust nutrients accordingly. Cold-season weeds can be treated with a pre-emergent herbicide as winter approaches. A post-emergent for warm season weeds can be applied in late spring.

Keep Up with Lawn Maintenance

Keeping up with a regular lawn maintenance protocol is essential for combating weeds. Start by mowing your lawn regularly, using the highest content of nitrogen-based fertilizers, and keeping the lawn moist. Also, aerate your lawn at least every other year to create healthy soil for grass growth.

Ensure Healthy Grass

Good lawn care requires that you cultivate healthy turf. Choose the grass type best suited for your region. Cut back on the area of your lawn being treated with chemicals. Establish a healthy irrigation and fertilizing program to help grass fight off the weeds.

Overall, perennial weeds are a pesky and persistent problem. The best way to prevent them is to take a proactive approach, keep up with maintenance, cultivate healthy grass, and identify problem weeds. Don’t forget to consider a professional lawn care company like DG Landscaping LLC for assistance if necessary. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can put those annoying weeds to rest. Our quality lawn service is available in Tacoma, WA and you can easily call us at (253) 218-1115!