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Smart garden design and structure

Expert landscaper tips on planning and creating a smart garden

Smart gardens are landscapes which are designed in a way that makes them easy to maintain, well-planned and elegant to the eye. They utilize several different strategies which help to ensure that they require little upkeep while remaining pleasant and appealing. Here are some of these strategies provided by a professional landscape designer.

Plan and position plants in a way that provides access to equipment

At one point or another, it will be necessary for you to use one or more pieces of equipment in your garden or home. Or to make new expansions such as porches and pergolas. To avoid unwanted issues regarding plants which obstruct the access of these machines, use the following landscaper tip: plant them a few feet away from paths and from your home. This helps to prevent the greenery from getting trampled and the need to have them removed.

Add movement using plants

When designing your landscape be sure to use the following landscaper tip: add movement. While a still life is good for paintings, it is not appropriate for gardens. Therefore, you should add some movement by planting grasses which sway in the wind. Or add some flower which will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Designing your landscape in a smart way helps to ensure that it will be easy to maintain and beautiful to look at. When creating the layout of your garden, plan the paths and flowerbeds in a way that ensures free access to different machines such as mowers. Also, make sure to add plants which add movement and dynamics to the landscape. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional landscape contractor. An example of one such professional is DG Landscaping LLC in Tacoma, WA.