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Lawn Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Essential Lawn Care Tools

No matter the landscape, you can perform good lawn care with the right tools. Read on to see what equipment are necessary for lawn maintenance:

Lawn Mower

The first tool that comes to mind is the mower. To achieve a healthy-looking lawn, you should cut the grass 1-2 times a week during the growing season. When buying a mower, go for one that switches between bagging and mulching with ease. Also, find one with a bag perfect for clean-up during fall or spring. If you have a large plot of grass, consider getting a rider instead.

Leaf Blower

Having a rake or broom is a must for removing dead and fallen leaves. However, if you want a more efficient leaf removal, go for a gasoline or electric leaf blower. Besides leaves, you can also “dust” your garage floor or remove grass clippings. The blower can make a quick, clean finish to your lawn or yard.


A healthy lawn needs proper watering, especially during the hot summer season. Depending on the space, you can either do with a watering hose or install an irrigation system. Having the latter is convenient as the system waters at a faster rate, saving you time and effort.


Aside from water, your lawn also needs fertilizer to promote healthy growth. For that, you will need a spreader. You will need to use one quite often in a year. Even so, spreaders are inexpensive, durable, and easy to use.

String Trimmer

If you need to soften the grass near the trees or your house, use a string trimmer. This tool can cover tough spots that a lawn mower can’t reach. By turning the trimmer to the side, you also have a good edger. This can be useful to trim near landscape features or vegetation. You can use electric trimmers for small jobs or gas-powered ones for mobility and power.

Of course, you need not get all these equipment to ensure that your lawn remains healthy. All you need to do is contact DG Landscaping LLC via (253) 218-1115 to talk with a professional lawn care and landscaping needs in Tacoma, WA. You may also visit the company’s office for any inquiries, estimates, and other services.