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Getting a Professional Lawn Care After Winter

Tips to Get a Green Lawn After Winter

Finally, the cold grip of winter is beginning to soften. Although there are signs of life, work must be done before you can start throwing garden parties or sipping lemonade in the backyard. Here are some methods to revive your grass and create a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Lawn Care After Winter

Contrary to popular opinion, dying grass doesn’t indicate that all hope is lost. After a season of dormant grass and gloomy days, there are still numerous ways to restore that lush, green lawn that will make you green with envy. It’s crucial to clear the lawn of any debris before watering once or twice a week when it rains. If there is no rain, you may need to water more frequently. Provide enough water to the soil to make it 6 inches moist. The grass benefits from infrequent, deep watering because it develops strong, deep roots that can better tolerate dryness later in the summer.

Fix Salt Damage to Grass

Salt makes food taste delicious, but it’s not quite as good when applied to the pavement next to your grass, sometimes resulting in brown patches. Your lawn may exhibit evidence of salt damage if you live in a northern region where salt spraying is widespread during the winter. Can you repair the salt damage, then? Absolutely, and it’s rather simple! Water your lawn to reduce the amount of salt there is, and say hello to greener grass.

Remove Dead Grass Debris

Little bits and pieces of dead grass accumulate over time in the top layer of your lawn, occasionally becoming a fairly substantial layer. Examining the thatch layer on your grass is one approach to maintaining it. Core aeration will break up the thatch and enable water, fertilizer, and oxygen to reach the roots if the layer of organic matter and dead grass on top of the soil is deeper than half an inch.

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